Tuesday, 11 April 2017


My pile of books to read seems to be growing!

While in New Zealand my good friend R recommended some good books to read and I have always enjoyed her suggestions and so far I have managed to get two of the books on the list she gave me.

The first is this one 'Out Stealing Horses' which I am currently reading and enjoying so far.

The next is 'The Rotters Club' which I shall read next.

Currently watching this series and with Anzac Day approaching I thought this would be a good book to add to my library and I will read it once we have finished watching the series.

I managed to pick up a few books from the charity shop today which ranged from 50 pence to £1.50 so quite pleased with the following books..

This looked intriguing

I love the illustrations and I think this will be an interesting book to dip into.

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  1. Don't you love a stack of unread books just waiting for you!!!
    I enjoyed watching the Anzac Girls series on T.V. and if I find the book I'll be sure to buy it.


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