Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Making Memories.

A wise friend said to me just before I left for New Zealand to 'make memories' in light of the difficult times I would be facing while there, and so I have in a form of Scrap or Smash booking.  I thought at first it would be a bit 'boring' as I knew I wouldn't really be going many places, but it is surprising just how you can fill up a book if you put all sorts of little 'memories' in it.

I took my scrap/smash book and while there got some lovely bits and pieces from The Warehouse to stick in.

A few of the pages: 

The opening page.  

A few shops in Waipu and Whangarei where I bought a things.

Our hike.

Taxidermy & feathers.

Food eaten with others.

I recorded my visits with my Dear Mum.

Birds and Beasties seen.

My birthday


  1. What a wonderful book! I want to make one.

    1. You should, I really enjoyed it.

      Thanks for visiting, I am now following your blog so I don't miss your posts...I thought I had done so, but obviously hadn't.

  2. Belated happy birthday!!

    I like what you've done to your Smashbook. I think I've mentioned before that I am working on my third one now and thoroughly enjoy myself. I don't hesitate to use pretty scrapbook papers to cover any page that I don't particularly like. I scrapbook as well but the Smashbook is more "casual".

  3. I always enjoy looking at other's scrapbooks, but don't have the creativity to do it myself (although I enjoy handmaking books). Smashbooks sounds a bit more casual and yours is terrific. It will be a lovely reminder for you. Interesting to see my backyard as a destination for others.

  4. have spent a lovely time catching up on your posts Lorraine, your photos are amazing. Your nature snaps are incredible, birds, flowers and insects so great.
    Love the scenery ones from New Zealand. Your scrap book is such a great idea.


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