Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A Beautiful Day

We managed to get out for a couple of hours today and as the sun was shining we thought we would go over to the Bluebell Woods at Ashridge Estate.  They have done quite a bit of work blocking off the woods with felled timber to stop people traipsing all over the bluebells and through them, and it has quite obviously made a difference as they really were spectacular. The Bluebells are a bit earlier this year than last year so I am glad we didn't wait. We will take the Sailor's fiancee over to see them next week as they both arrive home on Sunday and she hasn't seen anything like this before. 

Just look at that wonderful carpet of blue.

The dogs enjoyed their outing in the woods as well.

It was VERY cold though...I was glad for my two coats and hat!


  1. So beautiful they don't look real.

  2. Spectacular! Picture perfect.

  3. What a sheer delight to visit and see the carpet of blue, stunning!

  4. I've never seen such a sight before!


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