Friday, 7 April 2017

Mt Manaia, Whangarei Heads, New Zealand

I didn't get to travel about as much this year in New Zealand as I was busy with family matters.  Fortunately though I did get to spend a couple of days with my friend in Whangarei and we did two big walks which were great fun, although  they wore my legs out!

We walked up Mt Manaia on Thursday 16th March.  The walk took us about three hours return and there were approximately 1067 steps to climb up during the course of the walk!  Mount Manaia is 403 metres above sea level and it is a steady climb all the way up with the views getting more spectacular the higher you get.  

The view of the Mount from the car park.

Yes we really are going to climb all the way up to the top!

The beginning of the walk is well sign posted.

Some sculptures.

It took us longer than the 2 hour return as we spent a bit of time at the top and also stopped for something to eat.

Very important to clean our shoes and boots before we start to protect the Kauri trees.

Wonderful native bush.

A few steps....these ones weren't too steep.

Starting to see the wonderful views.

Gorgeous blue sea.

Some fungi on the tree.

Getting higher.

Peeping through 

Spectacular.  We are almost at the top now.

The  last few steps to climb.

Nearly there...

At the top!  The views were incredible.  You could see the Marsden Point Oil Refinery, Bream Bay and Hauriki Gulf to the South, Whangarei Harbour to the west and to the north the Poor Knights Islands and Northland Coast. 

Lovely clear skies where you can see for miles.

It was so peaceful up here.

Some more views from the top:

Fungi spotted on the way down.

It was nice and cool in the bush, and the trees provided much needed shelter from the heat of the day.

Eventually we got back down - it was much easier coming down than going up!

Pretty flowers.

Yes we really did go right up there!  A thoroughly enjoyable time even if it was exhausting!


  1. I've never climbed Mt Manaia but I know the area well and it was really good to travel with you through your photos.

    1. Hi Graham, hope you are well! So glad you enjoyed the photos. A few more posts to come, although I only got away for a couple of days this year as the trip involved some heartbreaking decisions about my Mum. I got some great bird shots though at their place!

  2. Nice to see you're back and it sounds like you had a good time. That was a LOT of walking you did!
    The pics are great.Thanks for sharing them.

    1. It was a lovely few days away with my friend. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.


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