Thursday, 28 August 2014

Day Three to Five of my Twenty for Twenty Challenge

So clearing the top of the cupboards on Monday ended up with me cleaning the walls and one thing led to another and next thing I knew I was painting the kitchen walls.  Long overdue!  I have been wanting this job done for a few years now, but while on medications for the neuropathic pain I suffer from I just couldn't seem to co-ordinate my body or mind for such activities, never mind the pain factor involved.  Now my head and body are so much clearer (and lighter!) I felt ready to undertake the task.  Two days later the walls look so much better and it has even inspired hubby to paint the ceiling for me!  I have also been asking for this to be done for a VERY LONG time...even he admitted that although the ceiling should have been done first, he wouldn't have done it if it hadn't been for seeing the difference the nice fresh walls now look which highlighted just how bad the ceiling was.

So Day Three and Day Four were spent painting more than de-cluttering, but I figure that I was over by 10 items a day on both Days One and Two, so could get away with less in view of the fact that I the kitchen looks so much better.  (Photos to come as I am now completely blitzing all the cupboards!)

Day Three:

3 Tea Tins
3 white oval bowls
1 soft ball

Day Four:

3 Glass jars
1 broken bowl

Day Five:

1 Tea Cosy
3 Oven Mits
1 Remote Control Holder
1 Manky Tea Towel
2 Next Books
1 Art of Crochet Folder
1 Artists Water Colour Palette
1 Set of Water Colour Pencils & Pad
13 Boxing Magazines
1 Toy Bottle
1 UJ picture
1 Glass Jug
6 Tea Pots

Total: 33 Items

Five Days:  Total = 104 Items plus 8 re-purposed tea towels - Cleaning Rags.

I have also boxed up some things that I want to keep, but don't currently want out, in readiness for when we eventually are ready to move.

Seen in the garden beside the patio today...

Mushrooms or Toadstools?


  1. Probably best not to try eating them just in case. In France you can take any toadstool or mushroom you find to the pharmacy and they will tell you what it is and whether it is edible! Well done on your challenge and even more well done for painting the walls!

    1. Don't worry, I won't be eating them!

  2. Love all your enthusiasm for getting stuff done! Good for you. Those are some big mushrooms.

  3. I don't like painting ceilings either. Your self-challenge is coming along well. What is a UJ Picture?

    1. Union Jack ;-)

      Second coat was put on the ceiling last night, but unfortunately it is going to need a third coat which will hopefully be done today. I optimistically thought I would do it this morning - but realised very quickly that my arm/shoulder is definitely up to that sort of thing. Still I feel very pleased with the achievement I have made in doing the walls. Something I couldn't have dreamt about doing in the last five years...

    2. Union Jack: I would not have guessed that! It's good to hear that you are feeling better than you have been.


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