Sunday, 17 August 2014

Holiday in Wales - Part Three

Monday of our holiday in Wales saw us visiting Devil's Bridge.  We first heard of this place on the Welsh TV Drama Y Gwyll/Hinterland so it was great to be able to visit the area.  

Pretty flowers round the sign at the railway station.

Marking the bridge.

Devil's Bridge Hotel, or rather Hafod Hotel 

Not at all as creepy as it is portrayed in the series!

There is a charming nature walk to do which features waterfalls.  There are a lot of steps and it is quite steep in places but pretty easy going otherwise.  

The bridge - or rather the three of them.

The view over the valley, looking across the chasm.

One of the delightful waterfalls of which there are two, Mynach Falls and Gyfarllwyd Falls

The water was flowing pretty fast down the falls considering it was mid summer and it had been relatively dry.

It was so pretty.

With little pools at intervals.

The Sailor and Percy

They were taking a well earned rest after descending 'Jacob's Ladder, some 300 feet into the gorge.

The river

Winding its way through the valley

The iron foot bridge that crosses the gorge.

The Sailor crossing the iron bridge with Percy.

The river flows underneath

My husband taking some photographs

and then climbing up the steps.

Standing in what is left of the Robber's Cave

The 'Boys'

Looking back down into the gorge and valley - you can just see the Gazebo which gives a view of the Mynach falls.

The next half of our day we journeyed by steam train to Aberystwyth.


  1. More lovely scenery … it's clearly a beautiful country over there :0)

  2. You are making me feel very 'homesick' for my youth and all the time I spent in Wales.


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