Thursday, 28 August 2014

Day Two of Twenty for Twenty Challenge

Today we started work on the garage - we had to move the cages that we use for storing things, which involved emptying them first.  This was so we could move the fridge down to the end and move the freezer from the utility room into the garage.  Of course once we had done this, despite measuring the freezer didn't quite fit as the walls aren't straight, but angled!  So back to the drawing board we had to move yet more things, empty the cages again and move the fridge to the other side of the garage and empty and then move the cages again!  Complicated - yes!  No where near finished of course, however the fridge/freezer and the chest freezer have both been defrosted and cleaned a job that has been needed to be done for some time.  Having these two appliances in the garage means that we can keep things away from our walking garbage disposal who eats everything before I get a chance to actually plan and cook things!  Sometimes I can buy something in the morning for our dinner in the evening only to go to the fridge or freezer and find it gone! Now we can lock the door and remove temptation from him.

During this time I also decided to clear the top of the kitchen cupboards...and most of the items for Day 2 are from there!

Day 2 of my 20 Items 20 Days Challenge:

6 tins
2 Britex Water Jogs
2 Glass vases
2 Glass candle holders
1 shot glass
2 trays, 1 stainless steel, 1 brass
1 Floral plate
1 toaster
1 steamer


2 Tinfoil trays
2 chipped cups
CB radio, foot pedals, misc cables.

Total:  Approx 30 items, plus a black sack full of rubbish.

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