Monday, 1 September 2014

Kitchen re-do.

The last week I have been cleaning, de-cluttering, painting and cleaning...oh and did I say cleaning.

It all seemed so simple, clear the top of the kitchen cupboards...

which led to washing the walls,

which led to painting the walls

which highlighted how bad the ceiling was, 

which convinced hubby to paint the ceiling...

which of course should have been done first, but hey ho, it did work.

This in turn led to a major clean of the whole kitchen including doors and windows.

I took the stove/oven/cooker apart, pulled it away from the wall and cleaned every reachable part of it.  The theory was that if I wasn't allowed a new one, then I would at least get it looking as clean as I possibly could!  Of course I didn't quite realise what an undertaking it would be.

So finally the kitchen is finished.

Before photos....

The existing walls were painted yellow with one blue feature wall.

I decided to paint a lighter colour and chose Dulux 'Soft Vanilla' as that was what I had in the garage!  Much easier when you don't have to make a choice and just use what you have.

In progress...

I decided to paint our boiler chimney as well as it has always been a bit of an eyesore and I am not sure why we never had it painted when we originally had the kitchen decorated.


Looks much better now!

Blends in.

The other corner.  I have packed away our special salt & pepper shakers which have special memories attached, and am currently in the process of deciding which of the other things to keep that used to sit on this shelf.  I have opted for simple instead and have the three jugs that used to belong to my mother many years ago when they lived in the UK, that were given to my aunt, who in turn has passed them on to me.

Only have the three items on here, will make it easier to clean and looks less cluttered.

The corner looks better with the same coloured walls.

Work surfaces clean and tidy.  Every wall, cupboard door, appliance and rubbish bin has been scrubbed.

I got the bread-maker out so that I can start making bread again.

The fish tank that used to sit on the side has been removed.

'Jaws' the goldfish that used to live in the fish tank has moved outside to live with 'the big fish' and seems very happy there.

As a result I no longer have to worry about cleaning and all the other paraphernalia that goes on with having a fish tank inside the house.

I sorted through my utensils and decided...

...what to keep.

These are all used.  The three wooden spoons all have a different purpose.  One is used for gravy, one for stirring other things, and the large one for jam.

Those that I don't use are being given to charity.

I have washed both the outside and most of the insides of my cupboards...just a few to do.

I sorted through my rather large collection of tea pots

Decided what to keep...

and what to give away!  I have since added another tea pot to this box.

Just a few of the other bits and pieces I have sorted through that will be given to charity (or put in the bin, depending on condition and usefulness)

So Days Six & Seven of my Twenty for Twenty

Day Six

4 saucers
3 cups
3 wooden utensils
1 metal utensil
1 enamel bowl
1 tea bag holder
1 timer
A pair of teddy bear bookends
2 wooden trays
1 silver tray
1 pottery pot
1 torch
1 filter
2 glass candle holders
1 plastic holder

Total 26 items.

Day Seven
6 broken leaded pencils
1 velvet pen holder
2 rusty metal 'things'
1 felt pen
1 old book light
4 jars
1 old candle without a wick
3 books

Total: 20 Items.


I have been through umpteen cleaning clothes, liquids and potions during the last week.  Some more successful than others, most don't actually do what they claim to do!

Now the kitchen is properly clean and tidy it should be easier to keep that long as certain other members of the house also remember to tidy up after themselves!


  1. Wow! What a difference you've mad and you must feel so satisfied with your efforts? Well done!

    1. I am indeed Jane, and can't quite believe I have managed it! Just hoping that I can continue in this way. :-) Thank you.

  2. Yes decluttering makes life and one's mental state so much more relaxed. That's the theory anyway. I do like your new colour scheme. You must drink an awful lot of tea!

    1. It does indeed, but one's mental state has to be able to cope with the process....finally over a year after coming off pain meds, it seems my mind is now clear enough to cope with it. ;-) I feel like I have lost five years!

      Well yes indeed we do drink an awful lot of tea! When I used to drink tea with milk we always used a tea pot, and I do have a 'thing' for teapots and used to swap them round for interest. Of course once you have a couple well meaning people then give you teapots! Now I only drink green tea or very weak black tea I don't tend to use a teapot very rather than being too rash and getting rid of them all I am working in baby steps - or at least have halved the collection!

  3. Great job, I hate my kitchen, it's such a mess, I hope to replace the whole thing next year, in the meantime I have to live with it. Love the revamp it looks bright and sunny and a good place to work. well done on the declutter.

  4. You certainly have been busy … I've been trying to do a bit of spring cleaning this week … being spring and all … but I haven't managed to achieve even a fraction of what you have :0)

  5. Looks wonderful Lorraine. That painted pipe looks so much better and cheerier. Everything looks great and I love your teapots.

    We use the library a lot but I still like to buy reference books. We get free inter-library loans here so I order a lot of things in. Still, you know what it's like when a book is a "keeper"--you need your own copy. I am out of bookshelf space though, so have to buckle down.


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