Saturday, 9 August 2014

Holiday in Wales - Part One

We have just returned home from a lovely week away in Wales.  I had never been there before and I have to say I have totally fallen in love with the country (despite the weather!)  The scenery was breathtaking and such wonderful wide expanses of fields, hills, mountains, lakes, in fact everything you could wish for.  Hardly any people, not much traffic, all rather perfect really.  

We chose a holiday cottage well off the beaten track - completely isolated apart from the owners house, and they were such lovely unobtrusive but very friendly couple that that was no problem at all.  The silence was wonderful, and such a welcome change from where we live where we are continually bombarded with the roar of the M25.

Up the long winding road

would we ever get there?

Finally we arrive at our destination, the lovely Owl House.  Yes we did hear owls on several fact one night they were extremely vocal ALL NIGHT LONG!  

The cottage is on around 8 acres and then surrounded by forestry and farm land.  On the land itself there was a lovely lake which we enjoyed walking down to.

Walking down towards the lake.

Looking back towards the cottage

Our first night we spotted the resident hare.

Still as a statue.

We enjoyed different trips each day and visited a wide range of areas covering many miles of which I hope to blog about during the following week.  In the meantime  some of the insect and bird life we saw while away...

Bumble bees enjoying the pollen

A woodpecker in the garden in front of the cottage

Outside the RSPB centre at Lake Vyrnwy

Peacock butterfly

Tortoiseshell butterfly



  1. Looks like Paradise. So glad you had a peaceful time. I haven't been to that part of Wales apart from to the CAT at Machynlleth which we enjoyed once when staying further south in Pembrokeshire.

  2. What lovely pictures! If I'm ever fortunate enough to go to Wales I want to stay in that cottage!!!

  3. It all looks absolutely beautiful.


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