Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Ten Years Ago Today.....

Ten years ago today....

A Sunny Day

When the sky is blue and the sun is shining the day always seems brighter and more cheerful regardless of the temperature. Today is one of those crisp autumn days when the everything looks beautiful. The garden looks bright and green and colourful, the sky is blue and bright. Oh if only I could bottle it for the dark, damp dreary days that are sure to follow.

The day has been made even better, as I had a letter in the post today with a transcript of my results. It is official... I have my Masters in Music Performance and Related Studies, so have even more letters I can add after my name if I so wish. As I said in a previous post it all seems rather pompous, although does open doors. What is even better is I got a distinction for my dissertation so I am absolutely thrilled.


  1. Congratulations, all your hard work rewarded well done.

    1. Thank you....little did I know at the time how much my life would change and that I wouldn't be able to play just over a year later, and that 10 years later I still wouldn't be playing. It still feels like I have a great big hole and part of who I am is missing...but I am working on fixing that.


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