Monday, 4 September 2017

Slim Down September

Slim Down - in both terms of slimming down myself and the contents of my house!

September is the month I am really going to try and knuckle down and get some cleaning, tidying, de-cluttering and general sorting done.  I have procrastinated too much the last few months, mostly because of the pain levels which affect my motivation, but enough is enough.  I really do want to move and I think this is only going to happen if I am the one who is the driving force behind it, and of course that means to clear the house and get rid of excess stuff.  We just simply have TOO MUCH. Drawers are full to the brim as are cupboards.  For example in the bathroom - how many flannels does one really need?  Time to seriously think about these things.

Today I started on the bathroom.  I am cleaning and scrubbing the walls, flooring and bathroom ware. 

I took the hanging plant down - removed all the dead leaves and washed the living ones - goodness how the dust had accumulated on them!  Shameful!

Looks a lot better now, even though I have lifted some of the hanging leaves and looped them over the basket.


The shell lamp is going - partly because it fell off the stool I put it on while cleaning the sill it was on, and so  it chipped, but also because we have not actually used in in YEARS.  It is just a 'dust collector'.


My little shells have gone into a lidded glass jar - this way we can see and enjoy them, but they are not going to collect the dust like the used to.

I have cleared the toiletry cupboard - got rid of some old out of date items and those that I am not going to ever use.



Much neater now.

Towel drawers - I have cut back on the flannels and hand towels.  It is getting ridiculous when it is a struggle to fit them in and now there is just the two of us, how many do we REALLY need?

We had to go out, so my bathroom project was interrupted...

Still to do:

Clean picture frames and glass.
Finish sorting out the bathroom drawers - four still to do.
Clean tiles and wood wall
Clean sink and bath
Mop floors.

These jobs I will tackle tomorrow.

Lastly some flower has been rather wet today so they all have raindrops on them.


  1. It is hard work decluttering in readiness for a move but worth all the effort when you do. Beautiful flowers.

    1. It is indeed...I will need all the encouragement I can get! Thank you.

  2. Ooh. I am now going on the hunt for a covered glass jar for my seashells and stones. That's a terrific idea!

    1. This jar was from a candle. Once the candle was used up, I cleaned it out and it has just been sitting around ready for a use.

  3. Slimming down myself is something I keep putting off.
    Keeping things tidied is also an on-going task.
    I can only imagine how difficult it would be if I were in constant pain.

  4. Well as a serial de-clutterer (which says something when one has to keep doing it) I am beginning to wonder if I do it simply for the satisfaction of seeing the finished result. I hope that you persevere and reap the rewards.


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