Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Celebration Garden & Dahlia Field

Today we discovered that one of our local garden centres had opened their wonderful Dahlia Field and Celebration Garden for their Autumn Festival.  We thoroughly enjoyed wandering through the garden (in between showers fortunately!).  It was really pretty.  An added bonus was enjoying a cup of tea and cake at the end, just as the showers came down again!  It was really good timing as this is only open from 9th to 17th September.  The rest is just photographs  - I hope you enjoy.

There were so many other interesting and pretty Dahlias I would have liked to photographed, but by the time we had finished our tea and cake, the wind had picked up and it was about to start pouring with rain again, so we quickly walked back to the car.

It was a very pleasant hour out though.


  1. Wow, they are beautiful. The wonderful array of colours were a delight.

  2. You got a very good close-up of that bee!

    The Dahlias are quite lovely!!

  3. Love the fuzzy purple flowers and the closeup of the bee! Neat.


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