Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Working on Wednesday

I have had a busy afternoon in the garden today.  I certainly ache now, but at least it is aching from some hard and successful work.

Three hanging baskets have been planted up.

30 pots have been planted - some of these with self-seeded foxglove that I needed to remove from my rose garden ready for the bark mulch that I hope to put down tomorrow.

This beautiful plant Senetti, Blue Bicolour,  has been potted up.  Apparently it will flower right through until November - so I have high hopes for it!

Some of the pots have marigolds in them.

This lovely plant keeps flowering year after year.

Some more pots planted up - they don't look much yet but hopefully in a few weeks time...

Love the colour of this pansy.

I also re-potted a rose - it was in a terracotta pot that had cracked and broken up.

My gorgeous fuchsia is also in a lovely big pot.  

Hopefully we should have a lot of colour this summer.

Tomorrow's jobs will be picking up a new wooden bird feeder that we saw today but couldn't fit in the car.  My MIL had given me some money for my birthday and I have finally decided what I would like to spend it on.  I also  hope to finish weeding the rose garden and start getting the bark mulch down.  

Finishing the post with another picture of this lovely flower.


  1. Your cone-shaped hanging basket is unique! Love your Bleeding Heart .... that's one flower that self-seeds in my front garden. I've never heard of a "Senetti" but it sure is pretty.

    1. We have had those hanging baskets a couple of years now so it is good to finally get them planted up. I still have two more to do.

      Thank you for your lovely comments.

  2. It's far too early here for any real colour other than spring bulbs. Seeing posts like this remind me how different that few hundred miles makes.

    1. It is amazing isn't it how much different that distance can make. Down Devon and Cornwall way they are even more ahead of us!


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