Monday, 23 May 2016


I was watering the garden this afternoon, when to my delight I spotted a 'new' bird visitor.

I took quite a few photos in order to identify it.  Some shots aren't especially good as he was a very busy little bird flitting here and there.

A mouthful of aphids!  Good work!


  1. Absolutely wonderful photos and what a lovely experience too. One of the very few occasions I've seen a Goldcrest here on Lewis was when it flew into my office window and then died in my hand. It was a very poignant and sad moment.

    1. Thank you Graham. I was so excited to see this busy little bird - I crept inside to get my camera fully expecting it to be gone when I went back but it wasn't so was absolutely delighted. So sorry to hear about your experience, that is very sad.

  2. You got some amazing photos of this tiny bird. I hope it stays nearby and you get to see it often.


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