Saturday, 7 May 2016

Spring time at Audley End

Yesterday we went to Audley End - we haven't been for a few months so it was nice to go back and see what was happening now Spring is here. 

The gardens were gorgeous so we were not disappointed.

The tulips were magnificent - such lovely colours.

These looked ever so pretty in the glass house.

I liked this - wouldn't mind putting something up like this in our garden.

The waterfall was flowing well too.

One thing that is great about going to Audley End is there is a big expanse of space for Percy to play 'races' up the top of the hill above the house.  Not only is the view lovely there, but it is one of the highlights of Percy's visit too.

He just loves racing Mark.  Guess who always wins?!


  1. Until a year or two ago I never really took to tulips: too stiff and formal for my taste. However I started growing them last year and have taken quite a liking to them. It's good to see Percy so obviously enjoying himself.

  2. I love the Primula auricula on shelves set in a brick wall. Sadly only one of mine came through the winter and so far shows no sign of blooming.


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