Thursday, 5 May 2016

Thankful Thursday : Working Hard in the Garden.

Lots to be thankful for - blue sky and warm weather always good!

Our Cherry Trees are looking spectacular against the blue sky.

I have been working hard in the garden again today - my muscles can certainly feel it!

I have dug over the rose garden, weeded it and laid down a terracotta bark mulch.

The front garden is starting to look a lot better now.

Still a way to go with the rest of it, but good progress made.

I made up the new bird table feeder that we picked up today and I am really pleased with it.

It needs to be moved into its permanent place but I wanted to get it set up.

A good days work.

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  1. That bird stand feeder is amazing. I think I count no less than six hanging tube feeders. I'm assuming you put different bird food into each?
    You should attract quite an array of feathered friends.


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