Monday, 14 September 2015


Yesterday we managed to get down to Warsash to see our eldest son and we went into Portsmouth for lunch and the afternoon.

We were in for a bit a treat as there seemed to be a spitfire doing a display over the water and we stood and watched for a while.

The sky was pretty grey and it was cold and windy but that didn't stop people from getting out on and in the sea to enjoy it.

The canoes were following swimmers, although you can't see them...personally I think it was utter madness! 

Percy enjoyed his day out.

Portsmouth has some pretty grassed and flowered areas and as it was pretty cold, it was quite quiet and not too busy which was nice.

There were masses of starlings on the grass.

A nice day out, even if it was jolly cold - must take my woolly hat next time!

Good to catch up with our son.


  1. Good to see the spitfire and rather appropriate in an odd sort of way as the fort is called Spitbank Fort (if my memory is correct). I don't recall the Garrison Church so it is good to se that. As for the red-brick corner apartments they are reminiscent of so many Victorian seaside towns all over the country. All in all it looks like it was a Good Day Out.

    1. Thank you Graham, I should have labelled some of my photos - but got a bit lazy! It certainly was a Good Day Out :-) They have been far and few in between this last month, so was nice to get a bit of respite.


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