Sunday, 27 September 2015

A lovely Sunday.

We had a lovely walk this afternoon through the countryside and woods near us.  The only thing that marred it was the noise of the motorway - it was LOUD!

Cattle quietly grazing in the field

There was some lovely countryside to admire....

There were quite a few trees that had died and were damaged

Dandelions still flowering.

Berries were plentiful - shame I had no idea whether these blue/black coloured ones were edible.

Now these fungi don't look the edible sort, but they were interesting to look at.

There were plants flowering in the hedgerow.

Percy enjoyed himself...he is looking hairier and hairier!


A bee making his way into the convolvulus flower


Another pretty flower to stop and admire.

All in all a lovely Sunday afternoon walk in the Autumnal sunshine.

Meanwhile in the garden, photos taken over the last week or so...

Our lone pair is ripening...

Some of the roses that haven't been upset by all the bad weather are still flowering beautifully

The fungi seem to be thriving in these colder and damper conditions.

The spiders are out in force.

Dahlias are still looking good.

Honeysuckle is still flowering.

These dahlia is especially pretty.

A few more roses - this one has just flowered  the last couple of days.


  1. Beautiful autumn post. Those black ones are sloes and you really wouldn't like to eat them from the bush as they are very sour/bitter but they can be used to make sloe gin or as I do added to other hedgerow berries to make jam when the sugar makes them palateable.

    1. Thanks, I did wonder if that is what they were.

      Hope you are well!

  2. A soothing, gentle post of beautiful subjects (even the spider!) to soothe the soul. It's a shame how motorways intrude but, hey, it lessens the problems on other roads (in theory anyway).


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