Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A gorgeous afternoon.

The colours in our maple tree are so rich and diverse at the moment.

The very tip a fabulous red colour while the rest of the tree remains green.

So pretty with the background of the beautiful blue sky.

A perfect late summer, early autumn afternoon today, not a cloud in the sky - the sort of weather that I just adore.

We went for a walk in the local park 

The changing colour were in evidence there as well, and every thing seemed just so alive.

It was the sort of day that brings peace and a smile to your face.

The light and shadows of the lower sun.

Sitting for a while

I must bring up my sketch book and paints next time I come.

Being a weekday afternoon the park was relatively quiet so we had a very enjoyable walk.

Percy met a new friend

They were pleased to say hello to each other.

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