Saturday, 22 August 2015

National Trust Property Visit - Cliveden

After sitting in traffic on the M25 for a couple of hours on our way down to visit The Sailor in Southampton, and facing the prospect of at least another 2 1/2 hours, we decided to abandon the attempt and came off the next exit which was fairly near the National Trust property Cliveden.  We had Percy with us so couldn't go into the actual gardens, but there is still plenty of ground to walk over and we enjoy a couple of hours walking along the river Thames and through the woodland grounds of Cliveden.

Looking back across the hills to Cliveden itself.

Zooming in on the clock tower.

Dukes Statue and Seat which overlooked the River Thames

A glimpse of the River

Farmstead across the way.

Loved the way the vegetation framed this little bridge

Boat rides along the river are available from here.

So the afternoon didn't turn out too bad in the end, but it felt like we were in the car a very long time to not actually make much progress.  Will have to attempt to visit DS1 during the week instead.


  1. Such lovely pictures. I'm glad your day turned out so well.

  2. Such beautiful pictures!!!


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