Friday, 2 October 2015

Beautiful Day out - Audley End.

This is what our summer should have been like!  But I am not complaining, I just love these glorious early summer like days of Autumn, where the skies are a clear blue and the sun is warm.

We made the most of the day by going out to English Heritage Audley End.

The good thing about going to these places during the week at this time of year is that there is hardly anyone around!

Which means we can wander around 'our' stately property and simply enjoy the peace and quiet.

When the weather is like this there seems to be a feeling of complete tranquility

The back of Audley End.

Side view.

I have posted similar pictures before, but with the changing seasons the colours are always different.

The ducks were enjoying the sunshine on the water.

The flowers were glorious.

Such a richness of colour.

I just love the vibrancy of these flowers.

Gourds growing

Autumn harvest displays laid out

Wonderful shapes and colours.



Wonderful purple aubergine

Sitting in the sun and soaking up that Vitamin D

The water was wonderfully reflective

Bottoms up!

Percy enjoyed his day out.

Just before we came home we took him up the hill and let him off and he ran races with my husband.

Great fun!

Weeee I can fly!

Working hard.

Look, no feet!

I think they both enjoyed themselves!

It was a truly wonderful day - only marred by the quiche that I didn't realise had been made with goats tasted like an old Billy goat smells!  I was almost sick and I still feel like I have that taste lingering inside.  


  1. What a fantastic post. Full of colour and a flying dog! hehe. It does look tranquil too xx

    1. Thank you Aline. Flying dogs are full of character!

  2. What a superb post! I've never seen a house quite like that with so much glass and light. It must be a nightmare to maintain. The photos of your hound are just amazing and he looks, as you said, as though he's really enjoying himself.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it Graham. How the wealthy used to live! Of course, many of them went bankrupt because of instead of enjoying the tranquillity and peace and quiet and working to maintain their properties, they preferred to spend their time in London gambling and other such vices and of course lost their family fortunes! Oh and they would have had servants to clean all that glass of course ;-)

  3. The heritage houses you visit are so amazing!
    Your photos definitely do them justice.
    Love those pics of Percy in full flight. What a little Dynamo.


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