Monday, 1 September 2014

C'est la Rentrée! Resolutions.

C'est la Rentrée! .  For the last few years I have joined Floss over at Troc Broc & Recup in making Rentree Resolutions. They are a tradition in France that coincides with going back to school and are embraced by adults as well as children.  I am not sure if she is doing it this year as I know lots of things are going on over there for her and her lovely family. But keeping the tradition I am going to attempt it again this year.

So what did my resolutions look like last year?

1.  Going for a daily walk.  I managed this until Christmas, when the winds and rain set in and it became just too wet.  I did walk daily in NZ during the time I was there and have done a little walking over the summer, but plan to start up again, especially now the nights are drawing in and the daylight hours are getting shorter.

2.  Prepare fresh meals and continue eating healthily.  I have managed to maintain my weight loss and ideal weight through doing this the majority of the time.  The odd slip here and there but on a whole I think we are generally eating a lot healthier.

3.  Continue the steps. I didn't really manage this, but have now started my 'Twenty Items for Twenty Days' Challenge and have already made a huge progress so feeling much more confident at last in this goal!

4.  Finish UFO projects  I finished three quilts, and some knitting.  Still have a UFO pile...but will be re-evaluating it to see if they are things I am ever likely to finish...if not, then they too will be part of my  20/20 challenge!

5.  Enjoy life to the full - it such an important one to have - taking opportunities when they arise and enjoying family and friends.  I had an opportunity to visit my school friend in Australia and I had a fabulous week with her.  I also had the opportunity to travel to Phoenix for the 2014 Sasha Festival and had an amazing time.  I visited Sedona, The Grand Canyon, Tombstone and various other places.

Seeing how my Mum is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease and how it has effected us all as a family, but especially my wonderful Dad and sister, who living close to them does so much to help, has been devastating.  This combined with my last few years of Chronic Neuropathic Pain, resulting from surgery for decompression of an artery and nerve due to TOS and the discovery of also having Chiari Malformation, has brought home to me the fact that we must take the opportunities and make the most of life while we can as we never know what is around the corner.  

My resolutions for this year are pretty much the same as last year:

1.  To fully de-clutter the house and sewing studio to the best of my ability.

2.  To walk daily & eat healthily

3,  Enjoy life.

4.  Read the books I have instead of getting new ones...and then once they are read, to use the library a bit more...this seems to have slackened in recent years.  I used to be a very regular library user and I miss it.

5.  Spend less time on the computer!  Over the last five years, I have become a bit addicted to the computer due to not feeling up to doing other things.  This is now changed and as a result I need to get out of the 'computer habit' and limit the time I spend on it.  


  1. Good challenges there and certainly achievable. Trying to catch up on blogs, I've been very slack lately but like you I'm trying too keep off the computer and get out there and do more stuff. Life really is too short, it must be hard for you being so far from your mum, there is small comfort probably with her maybe not realising, it must be hard on the family still there. But we have our own lives to lead and we should never feel guilty for that.

    1. Indeed Sue, but sometimes it is so hard being so far away from them. Especially when speaking to them and hearing how tired my poor Dad is. He has his own health problems as well and I feel he isn't able to work on getting better and I worry about the stress and the effect it is all having on him. The sad thing with Mum is that she currently does know things aren't right and she is continually confused and frightened.

  2. I wouldn't try to argue with your very sensible resolutions and, indeed, I should perhaps take a leaf out of your book (except that for the most part I exercise and eat very healthily anyway). I often use much shorter period goals though. Like today where I woke and told myself that I could not open the computer until I'd finished packing for my 10-day trip tomorrow to the mainland fora wedding and other things. Now, at 8am, it's all done and I have a day to do all the other things I have planned without worrying.

    1. Sometimes it is good to remind ourselves to eat well and exercise...we do do it on a whole, but it can be easy to slip into not going for those walks...and I think they are all the more important during the Autumn/Winter months when it is tempting to stay inside more and not get the sunshine that is needed.

      Have a great trip and enjoy the wedding.

      I hope you are doing okay health and treatment wise. I have thought of you.

  3. Good luck … I'm alarmingly bad at achieving resolutions … but yours all seem like excellent ones to have :0)


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