Saturday, 6 September 2014

Holiday in Wales - Part Five: Harlech Castle

On the fifth day of our holiday we went to Harlech Castle.  The history behind the castle is fascinating.  It was build by King Edward 1, work starting on it in 1283.  The castle was originally right next to the sea, but now lies on a cliff face inland due to the changes in geology of the coast.  Amazing to think it has 'moved'  although of course it hasn't, it is the coast line that has.  King Edward 1 never actually lived this this castle though, instead the King's master mason and military engineer, James of St George and his wife Ambrosia lived in it.

Later on Owain Glyndwr held Harlech as his royal court for four years from 1404 before it was recaptured by the English in 1409 under the command of Harry of Monmouth, the future King Henry V and Victor of Agincourt.  Owain Glyndwr was the last native Welshman to hold the title Prince of Wales.  He instigated a very fierce and long running revolt against the English rule of Wales, but was unsuccessful.

As usual I have probably posted far too many pictures, but they are nice for me to go back to look at.

Our journey to Harlech was very pleasant and we enjoyed the meandering lanes and the toll bridge we had to go over.

A real human collecting the tolls...this was good to see, instead of a machine!

Quite a long bridge.

As we were crossing the toll bridge we saw cattle crossing the estuary/river

Wasn't expecting this, so was fun to see.

As we come into Harlech we stopped on the outskirts, as it was so pretty and peaceful.

The scenery very pretty.

A very long stretch of terraced houses.

Views of the railway bridge.

There was no one on the beach which was a surprise.

Into the town itself.

The wooden steps leading up to the gate way entrance.

Rather impressive!

There are impressive towers on each corner of the castle and two rings of walls.

We walked up to the top of the castle to wander round the ramparts and the view up there was spectacular.

There was a view to see wherever you looked.

The village

The Sailor looking very relaxed.

Very casual about everything.

It was so nice to have him home to be able to come on holiday with us.  

He has now rejoined his ship in Asia and will be away now until late February.

Looking down at the castle.

Looking down to the floor below

The boulders that could be seen from above.

The remains of old fireplaces.

You could see where each floor would have been by the fireplaces up the walls.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day out in a place steeped in history.


  1. Love the history of the place … we really don't get "old" over here.

  2. Despite having family connections with Blaenau Ffestiniog, Anglesey and the Lleyn Penisula and spending a lot of time in the area when I was younger I cannot actually recall ever being in Harlech although I obviously have been there. So it was good to see the photos.

  3. What a gorgeous village near the Castle. The stuff of dreams!!


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