Monday, 16 April 2018

Plants in and out of the house

I have three new indoor house plants.  

I have wanted an African Violet for ages, and when I saw this pretty Saintpaulia ionantha in Bunnings for £2.49, I figured that was a pretty good deal.

Such pretty flowers. 

The next couple of plants are supposed to be good for Oxygen levels in the house...

First is a Nephrolepis exaltata otherwise known as a Boston Fern.

Next is an Asplenium nidus (Crispy Wave) otherwise known as a Bird's-Nest Fern.  

My £1 bunch of daffodils are still flowering beautifully.

The orchids are looking lovely.  I also have a pink and a purple orchid and they too look beautiful.

Out and about in the garden are definitely signs of spring...

The Camellia is looking really lovely and so full of flowers.

Our Maple is flowering and has lots of leaf buds on it.

Rhubarb is starting to grow

Apple blossom is forming

Pretty yellow flowers.

It won't be long now and our Cherry trees will be in full display.

Gorgeous Magnolia.

A touch of purple.

It is so lovely to see the garden coming back to life.  I lost a couple of my favourite potted shrubs in March (while I was away and the weather was terrible, unfortunately the didn't get wrapped up in frost protection).  

Saturday I managed to get out in the garden and do some weeding which was good.  Hopefully I will get some more chances this week.


  1. I don't know why I've never thought to plant Rhubarb in a big pot. Obviously it works for you!
    I think African Violets are so dainty and pretty but I cannot get them to rebloom ( after the blooms that they came with have faded). I've gone on-line to look for tips and have followed them but still no blooms.

    1. Hopefully I will manage to keep my African Violet blooming...who knows, I wanted to give it a go! Thank you for your lovely comments.

  2. You took us on a wonderful tour of the garden, it is all looking wonderful.

    1. Well parts of it are anyway! My photos were selective ;-) The garden as a whole needs a lot of work after the harsh weather we had here early in March.

  3. Everything looks lovely and very Spring-y indeed. You certainly have a green thumb with Orchids. They seem to intimidate even the most plant savvy people. There's nothing like a Rhubarb pie!

    1. I think my orchids really like that windowsill! Looking forward to Rhubarb pie for sure.

  4. I've never had much success with rhubarb although last year I had enough for a couple of crumbles. Much as I love plants and flowers I've never been one for having them indoors in my own home and yet I love them in other people's. Strange really.


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