Sunday, 8 April 2018


She sat there lonely and scared, surrounded by confusion.  What would be next?  She wondered.  Everything seemed to be swirling around her, a collection of thoughts (memories?) tumbled about inside her head.  Who were these people and why were they in her home?  She wishes they would go away and shouts at them.  Where is her husband?  He has been gone hours and she is frightened.  Useless no good so and so, she says, with a few more choice phrases thrown in for good measure.  (So out of character for her to speak like this) .  Her husband comes out of the bathroom and returns to her side.  It's alright love, I'm here.  He calms her down with a soft voice and soothing touch and gives her a kiss.  She smiles up at him.  I do love you.... she says to him.  I love you too darling, he replies. 


  1. Rather frightening as well as powerful. I hope it's not too personal.

    1. Very frightening Graham, you are right. Unfortunately it is personal (although not me fortunately, but it does make me scared, as this is the second family member I have seen and am seeing going through this).

    2. I was sad to hear that Serenata.

  2. My closest friend's husband died last year. He had dementia but for so long we didn't know what was going on as he changed so much. He also was sad and confused not understanding what he was going through.


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