Sunday, 22 April 2018

Around the Garden on Sunday

The garden is starting to look a little tidier and more colourful, still a lot to do though.  

The Tulips are looking lovely. 

This is so pretty, such rich oranges.

Blossoms on the trees.

I've planted some Blue Lake Runners and some Dalmation Beans.

Not sure what this is, but it is coming up in the shaded barked area beside our patio.

Underneath our Maple Tree.

Greenery looking good round the pond.

The Cherry Trees are starting to look gorgeous.

Lots of Forget Me Nots, lining our pathway.

This is so reliable, every year it flowers beautifully.

The first Rhododendron isn't far off from flowering.

We also visited our son yesterday - he cooked us a lovely roast dinner.  

Looking round his garden, he and his wife have also been working hard.  They have planted vegetables, flowers, and have quite a few seeds sown as well.  

Not sure what this is, whether it is a weed or not, but it is pretty with its lovely bright yellow flowers.

Lots of Bluebells (as well as some white and pink ones)


I have a few plans for the week.  

I washed the 'glass' of the glasshouse yesterday so want to get in there during the week and tidy up inside it, and get it ready for sowing seeds and planting.  

Some more weeding needs to be done at the front.

Our front porch also needs to be cleared!  It seems to attract all sorts of 'stuff'.  It is like a rubbish magnet!

All this is dependent on my pain levels of course. They are not especially good at the moment.


  1. You have some beautiful flowers! Spring always seems like such a hopeful time of year - there's so much ahead of us.

  2. Some simply stunning flowers, a lovely season with a promise of what is to come.


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