Thursday, 11 May 2017

Thankful Thursday

A mixed bag of things to be thankful for...

Some sewing accessories, trim & fabric plus a ball of wool at reduced prices - most at least 50% off.  I needed some more press studs and needles and the Christmas fabric will come in handy later on in the year.  The wool is already currently 'on the needles'.  

A lovely yellow jug, a 'just because' purchase, yellow being one of my favourite colours (yes I have more than one!)  I thought this would be useful for custard.

I believe this dates to around the 40s and 50s from what I have been able to find out, but I could be wrong.

A cute fun mechanical watch - yes an actual wind up watch in great condition found in the local charity shop.  I have been wanting a 'tick tock' watch for ages.

The lovely Stanley, who is growing into a beautiful dog with a lovely nature.


  1. Great collection of wonderful purchases. I wish I could find a wind up watch,used to have a Mickey Mouse one. Stanley is a very hansome young man.

  2. What lovely finds at bargain prices! Love your little pretty will look perfect for pouring custard.
    Stanley is so cute, very handsome!

  3. Stanley is a fine looking dog!!
    I like that cream coloured jug. It will be perfect for custard.
    Which makes me want some. Maybe I'll make some tomorrow!!


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