Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A New Boy in Town

There is a new boy in town... Little Jeremy has joined us at Takaro Cavies to keep Sylvester company.

He weighs 1 pound 4 ounces and I am guessing he is probably about 12 - 16 weeks old.

He was another 'rescue' pig and was on his own which seemed rather sad,  he seems to have settled in well with Sylvester.  

He is a very calm and friendly boy so hopefully he might add a calming influence to Sylvester who is still rather a 'wild thing' 

I have a feeling there might quite a lot of photos of this guinea pig!

My other two rescue boars have also settled down nicely.

Bailey is very affectionate and likes to have under his chin tickled.  

He is rather partial to dandelion leaves.

Felix - yes I think I have finally settled on a name for him, Scott just didn't seem to 'work'..  

He is a bit more cheeky and slightly more reserved than Bailey, but is getting used to me and will also let his chin be tickled.

As for Sylvester - he is a lot more resistant to my attentions...he always has been.


  1. I hope Jeremy will get along with the other guys. I wonder if they have separate 'houses' or can they all get along in one pen?

    1. I have kept boys in at least paired if not in larger groups. At the moment my pens are really only big enough for two, so Jeremy now lives with Sylvester and the other two live together.

  2. Sylvester even looks a little wild in the eyes!


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