Sunday, 7 May 2017

A Week of Flowers

Some flowers in my garden...over the last week.

Watching the Rhododendrons come out in flower.

The second rose of the season.

Just love this gorgeous tulip.

Our Wisteria looks fabulous, just a shame it is so high up in the tree!

The first rose of the season is still soldiering on.

Our gorgeous Maple against the lovely blue sky.


  1. Wow they are beautiful Serenata,such a lovely garden you have.x

  2. The Wisteria is lovely; some neighbours who live behind us have a huge old Wisteria that climbs all over a decrepit fence that will no doubt collapse soon.
    That frilly Tulip really catches my eye.

  3. Beautiful, spring is so special, getting to see what's new in the garden each day.

  4. Beautiful flowers, love the wisteria, that tulip is stunning.

  5. Beautiful, a joy to visit and see such beauty.

  6. The flowering trees and bushes in Scotland have been absolutely magnificent this year - better than I can remember.


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