Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Day 11

Well I am over a week into my Whole30 programme and doing pretty well with sticking to it.  Not had any major cravings really and enjoying thinking about what to cook for a change rather than just choosing what is easiest.  Although to be honest not a lot is different to how we normally eat, just some of the things that we use such as butter, tomato sauce etc...have had to been cut out, but you can make your own tomato sauce substitute pretty easily and it is nice to know it hasn't got any chemicals, additives etc in it.

No real difference to my pain levels.  Haven't had a headache since Day 1 so that is an improvement. Oh and I have actually lost a little bit of weight - the bloating I was experiencing has gone.  One very strange thing though...since Saturday I have had this gross, almost metallic taste in my mouth.  It doesn't affect the taste of things, but it is there all the time otherwise. Not sure if that has anything to do with the change in diet or something else.  I hope it goes as it isn't especially pleasant I can tell you!

The sun is out this morning, but it is blowing a gale out there...hoping to go for a walk, but looks like dark clouds are fast approaching so will see.  I have a few 'chores' that need attending to first.

Currently reading this - I just wish they wouldn't make the font so small!

I seem to have pretty much lost my blogging mojo for this blog at the moment, so it is not especially exciting, but not a lot is different, the days drift into each other, and it seems despite my best intentions, I don't achieve what I hope to achieve in the day.  Not sure if I expect too much of myself, of it is just the time of the year.  


  1. I think January is a blah month for a lot of us, both in our homes and in our blogs. It seems nothing happens and there isn't much happening in the gardens ( which here are totally covered in snow).

    Do you know that the metallic taste in the mouth has a medical name? Apparently it's called "parageusia" and it is caused by pregnancy, new medications or food allergies. I had a lot of trouble with that when I was pregnant. I hope you can get rid of it soon because I remember how unpleasant it is.
    Take care.

    1. Oh yes I remember it having a name. I too had this when I was pregnant, but after I had been vomiting for days (I had hyperemesis for most of my pregnancy). The metallic taste stayed for the duration of the pregnancy.

      Definitely not pregnant, no medications and no changes of food, just left some not sure what the cause is. I wonder if it could be hormones? I have stopped the Vitamin D for a while to see if perhaps that was what was causing it, although I usually take some form of Vit D almost all year round except when in NZ and the height of our summer.


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