Saturday, 3 October 2015

C'est la Rentrée! Resolutions 2015/16

C'est la Rentrée! .  For the last few years I have joined Floss over at Troc Broc & Recup in making Rentree Resolutions. They are a tradition in France that coincides with going back to school and are embraced by adults as well as children.  I don't think she is did this last year, or is doing it this year as I know lots of things are going on over there for her and her lovely family. But keeping the tradition I am going to attempt it again this year.

A month late, but better late than never!  Too much was going on last month to even be able to think about this!  

1.  To fully de-clutter the house and sewing studio to the best of my ability. This is a continuing work in progress...I often falter and then become overwhelmed by the mess I make trying to clear the stuff!

2.  To walk daily & eat healthily.  On a whole manage this pretty well.

3,  Enjoy life. Yes indeed! Although there have been some ups and some downs...the year has been pretty good. Had a special time with my Mum & Dad - although heartbreaking at the same time as I see the difficulties both my parents face with my Mother having Alzheimers.
I had some special time with a friend while in NZ as well which meant a lot to me as we had such a fun week.

I had a lovely time in Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas this year and look forward to further trips to the USA if at all possible.

4.  Read the books I have instead of getting new ones...and then once they are read, to use the library a bit more...this seems to have slackened in recent years.  I used to be a very regular library user and I miss it.  Have read some of the books I have had, and got rid of a LOT to charity shops etc.

5.  Spend less time on the computer!  Over the last five years, I have become a bit addicted to the computer due to not feeling up to doing other things.  This is now changed and as a result I need to get out of the 'computer habit' and limit the time I spend on it.  Hmm...not sure I really achieved this - although have had a couple of periods of several weeks when I haven't spent any time at all on it.

So what are my goals for the coming year: 

1:  Continue to Declutter the House - in preparation for hopefully moving 2016.  So this is a biggie and even more important than ever!

2:  Finish an online photography course I started...quite some time ago!  I am going to restart it on Monday 5th October.

3:  Try and do some clarinet playing so I can make a definitive decision on whether to admit defeat or not with regards to ongoing pain issues.  This is obviously not a year long goal, unless of course I can play...but one that I need to try and focus on to be able to move on to other things if necessary.

4:  Work on my art.

5: Smile and laugh more - spending time with my husband now there are only the two of us in the house most of the year.  Continue to enjoy life!


  1. Hi Serenata, great to read your resolutions, I can relate to nr. 1 because I'm doing the same thing. It's overwhelming sometimes, I keep getting distracted too :-D! Good luck with the new resolutions!

    1. Thanks Linda - those distractions are ...well distracting! ;-) Good luck with your clearing as well.

  2. I envy you the ability to play a musical instrument (even if you can't play it for pain reasons). I wish that I could play a musical instrument but I realised as a child that I'd never have the ability to play as I would wish (if at all). I don't make resolutions!

    1. I like to think of them more as goals rather than resolutions! ;-) I certainly never make any on 1st January - those are always bound for failure.

      Trouble is the anguish of not being able to play when that was my whole life - work and pleasure - sometimes outweighs that 'ability' to be able to play when you can' has been a long journey and difficult to really come to grips with. I always live in hope, but sometimes one needs to learn acceptance.

    2. Yes I can see them as goals. I have goals too but just don't think of them as being as 'firm' as the resolutions I used to make.

      I feel your frustration (far too inadequate a word really) at your situation. It is certainly so much worse than my inability.

    3. Wow that was a quick response!

    4. Yes I've been reading blog posts before going out to dinner at friends'. Enjoy your evening.


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