Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Stunning Flowers

DH and I had lunch out today at one of our favourite garden centre tea room.  We went for a wander around after lunch to admire all the gorgeous plants.  Some that took my eye were....

Fabulous Bird of Paradise plant

The largest and most stunning display of Cyclamen I have ever seen.

Gorgeous Orchids.

We walked off a lovely lunch by taking Percy for a nice walk when we got home.


  1. Sounds good. You really ought to take up photography as a profession too.

  2. Gorgeous flowers … I often go tho the nursery and fall in love with different plants … bring them home … kill them. It's a terrible cycle ;0)

    1. Ah yes indeed, that has been known to happen here as well! Now we tend to just admire!

  3. So many pretty flowers, mum has big clump of the Bird of Paradise.

  4. My Bird of Paradise has been thriving, but alas my cyclamen have not been so lucky. I am no good with African Violets either. Gorgeous photos.

  5. I'd never been aware of Bird of Paradise plants until I came to Napier where they grow in abundance. Now, though, I seem to see them everywhere.


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