Friday, 10 January 2014

My First Art Class.

As some of you will know I have been dabbling in drawing and sketching for a little while now but have never had any formal lessons and am very much a beginner.  I have wanted to take an art class for ages but have been scared/wary of joining for fear of not being 'good enough', this being perhaps a remnant from my childhood school art lessons.

Well on Thursday morning armed with my Derwent Water Colour pencils and an Art Pad found under the bed in my DS1's bedroom that had never been opened I set off for my first official art class.

When I got there I realised I didn't have any of the correct equipment, made notes on what would be needed and set to work with what I had.  My first attempt - which was a scene with an old trailer in the woods was very quickly abandoned and I opted for a picture of an owl instead...

It is not finished yet, but I am quite happy with my first 'official' piece of art work.  It lacks depth but maybe I can still improve that somewhat.  

Will I go to another class?

You bet, I was made to feel very welcome and lots of advice was given, but not overbearing, I was allowed to also 'get on with it' so nice balance was achieved.

What did I do Thursday afternoon?

I went out and bought a load of art supplies of course!  I am now significantly less well off than I was earlier in the morning!  I can see this could well be another expensive hobby!  My husband asked me why I couldn't have just have one hobby like other people?  Why?  That would be boring of course!


  1. Love the owl - I think that is excellent especially for a beginner! Can't wait to see what else you to and how you progress. Now that you have invested in so much art equipment you will have to keep it up won't you?!

  2. Your owl is wonderful, Lorraine! I didn't realize you were blogging here happy you are!

  3. The owl is great and your purchases made me laugh, I am just as bad. Definitely silly comment from your husband, he'll be asking why you need more than one pair of shoes next!


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