Thursday, 30 January 2014

Birds & Art Class - Week 4

Rain, rain and yet more rain!  Everything is soggy wet, grey and generally miserable, however, a little brightness can appear if you just look.  I find joy in watching the birds go about their business and today was not disappointing as I spied a little Dunnock foraging in the grass around where the birds feeders are.

The little Blue Tits are always a delight and are seen everyday and never fail to bring a smile to my face as I watch them feeding on the nuts.

Today was my fourth art class and I took along my textured painting to do some more work on it.

Well actually I wasn't convinced I wanted to do any more to it, but the teacher thought I ought to...I reluctantly agreed, after all that is why I am going to learn something!  While there I thought I had made some improvements, but looking at the two pictures now, I am not so convinced!

 I still don't like it, but my younger son has and said he would like it so he can probably have it.

Of course it is hard to show on here and does look better from a distance.

I started my next rather ambitious project which is to paint a bird...I have sketch them before and used water colour pencils but not acrylics so this should be interesting.  I didn't get a lot of time as it was right at the end of the lesson so it is just a start.


  1. Well done - it is always difficult to see one's own work dispassionately of course and if you were totally haappy with it you probably wouldn't be going to the class in the first place. Keep it up. Love the photos too of course. I wonder if it is dunnocks I sometimes see - how big are they?

    1. Dunnocks are about robin size - not quite as big a sparrow - the RSPB have a link here about them


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