Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Canal Walk

One of the things I am hoping to do this year is go on a long walk at least once a week.  My DIL is a willing partner and we actually did our first week New Year's Eve.  The first walk of this year was yesterday and we walked over 13 km!  I have to admit to my feet being in agony at the end of it, but certainly didn't let her know.  This is something I am determined to do despite the continual pain issues I am having.  The day was perfect for a walk, a stunning blue sky and actually not too cold.  It was around 6 degrees.  It is colder today by about 4 degrees, and you can certainly feel the difference, so I think we picked a really good day.  This week we walked in the opposite direction along the canal and went further than when I walked that way when staying up there in October.

The canal was full of bird life and it was a delight to see them.

Such rich colours for this time of year

There were a lot of bird watchers out, and I must take my bigger camera next time as I just had my pocket camera with me as it is lighter.  Will also take my binoculars.

This tree looked amazing against the blue sky, it had such an array of colours in it that couldn't be captured on film.  The top looked a pink colour and it gradually changed to a green and yellow at the bottom.

Lastly I couldn't resist taking a few photos of the beloved robin.

A very enjoyable few hours indeed.  Looking forward to our walk next week.


  1. What a great walk. Be careful and don't overdo it, there is no shame in admitting you are in pain. A real delight to see the Robin.

  2. I do miss mr robin redbreast and the tits even tho nz has its own lovely birds

  3. That really is a joyful place especially in that weather. My 'daily' walk is usually in the Lews Castle grounds by the sea I'll be near Glasgow for the next three weeks so canal walks may well be on the books.


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