Thursday, 17 May 2018

Around the Garden, Books & Records.

The garden is starting to look really pretty

The Rhododendrons are starting to flower and are looking gorgeous.

The one above and below are going to look spectacular when they fully open.

Just love this colour!

A frog was seen in the garden, but not anywhere near the pond!  No frog spawn again this year which was really disappointing.

The gooseberries are starting to form, although not quite as many this year as the container in which they grow was moved last year, and I don't think they are getting quite as much sun as they were.

Poppies 'popping' up again.

My first rose bush has started to bloom.

Just love the colour of our maple tree against the blue sky.  We had to give this tree quite a trim in the the other day.

The wisteria is looking fabulous, although unfortunately the neighbours get to see more of our plant than we do as it prefers flowering their side!

White lilac against my sewing studio.

My Dalmation beans are starting to grow, but nothing showing in the other pot, so might have to put some more beans in.

I've picked up a few books from the charity shops the last two or three weeks.

I want to get back into my painting again...that is the plan anyway.

I love the art work of Gordon Beningfield, so couldn't resist this book.

Some reading - have finished this book, and quite enjoyed it so when I saw some more by this author today I got those as well.

Absolutely LOVED this book.  

Some 'new' books to add to my 'To read' pile.

Adding to my collection of Peter May books, these are ones that I haven't got.  

I have also been building up my record collection and have added some 'new' records - at 79p each, they were a real bargain.

I've listened to all these records the last couple of days and they are great.  Wonderful listening.

Some new ultra light memory foam sole trainers.

On my desk:

Some cut lilacs that were flowering behind my studio so couldn't be seen.  

I hope everyone is enjoying good weather as it is here today.  It is absolutely lovely outside.  Now time for a cuppa and a bit of a read for a while before I get back to working around the house.


  1. Beautiful flowers as always! especially like the second with the drops of rain? dew?...we are all rainy here today, but very green. Norvell

    1. It was rain on the flowers. The last few days have been glorious though, about time!

  2. You took us on a wonderful tour of the garden, such a beautiful array of colour. I enjoy some of the Peter May books, some of them are actually set here on the Island (Isle of Lewis) so it is quite nice to do the tour.

    1. I have read all his Island series of books, how fun it must be to do the tour of the places he mentions.

  3. Pretty colors and textures on those flowers and plants. Like the old album covers, too. :-)

    1. Aren't the old album covers wonderful?! Although a little tatty, the records inside were in immaculate condition.

  4. Your flowers are all so gorgeous! The colors are amazing. I especially like the wisteria and rhododendrons. Spring truly is a wondrous time of the year. I hope Rory got to see the frog!
    Though not as convenient, I do believe that records sound superior to CD's.

  5. Yes I quite agree about records sounding superior to CDs. Not sure my husband would agree, but I think that is because he isn't a musician ;-) Ha ha, at least that is what I tell him. My first choice would be to listen to a record (as long as it isn't scratched of course!) True, you have to turn it over more often, but that is part of the enjoyment.

    Um...frog and Rory...truth be told, no. Oops!

    Such a shame we don't get to see much of our wisteria, with it deciding to favour flowering on our neighbours side! I hope they appreciate it as much as I would/do!


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