Sunday, 9 July 2017

Sewing on Sunday - Hexagons!

A few years back I took part in the 'Incy Hexagon Flower Swap'.  I am not sure if it is still running now, but each month we would sew a couple of hexagon flowers for someone on the swap list that we were paired with and they would sew some in return.  We had a colour base for them to work through and mine was blue and yellow...although I also have some pink and purple flowers, so perhaps I had both colour schemes selected?  I can't remember now. I know I had to pull out after a couple of years unfortunately.

I thought I would have a look at just how many flowers I had.

50 hexagons!  The result of approximately 25 months worth of participation.  

All the flowers together - not even big enough for a lap quilt...

Just the blues and yellows.  I do like just these two colour combinations a lot and in hindsight would have preferred all my flowers to be blues and yellows.  At some stage I hope to continue working on this project, whether on my own, or if it is still running, I need to find out.


I also have another tin of hexagons that were given to me and thought these were the same size - but they aren't they are smaller.  I will make these up for a doll quilt.  I didn't like the way these hexagons have been sewn together as there didn't seem to be any real pattern to it so have unpicked some of them and am now resewing them together.  

Various colours

I have left some of the groups of three that were sewn together as is for now and am starting to sew flowers.  I have been working out the colour combinations as seen in the above photo - random, but within a loose colour scheme.  So far two are finished, the yellows and the purples to the right of the picture. 


I have even smaller hexagons - and with these I have started to make a doll pram quilt for dolls.  I need to finish this as it isn't actually that far off being finished. It now needs hexagons and half hexagons for round the edges, but I am still in the  'planning' stage of this one.

Here are the three different sizes.  


Lastly I found some more hexagons and they are bigger again.  This time they are all purples. I can't remember what I was planning to make with these.   I have a feeling I have another lot as well that were given to me that are even bigger still, but I am not hunting them out at the moment. This is more than enough to keep me busy for a while. 

The four sizes side by side.  

Of course the question is what to start with...

I will work on the hexagons just a bit bigger than the pram quilt ones... I have a couple of doll beds that need quilts, so will hopefully get at least one quilt made and finished.  I wonder if it is too ambitious to aim to have it finished by the end of the month?!


  1. Good luck! They look great but I prefer the blues without the purples like you. Looking forward to seeing the finished items in due course.

  2. So many little hexies! They're pretty.

  3. That is such a lot of projects on the go, all equally pretty. Good luck with your aim to get one finished by the end of the month. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  4. I admire your skill, patience and perseverance.


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