Saturday, 1 July 2017

And then there were Six...Ooops!

In April 2013. I lost Pickles, the little piggy on the left...his friend William had died in May 2009.  He was a rescue, so I never really knew how old he was. .  

Although they weren't together as long as some of my boars, they were really good friends.

Quite the cheeky fellows.

Anyway a couple of weeks ago I saw a picture of two boars looking for a new home...

These are some of the pictures of them.

As soon as I saw this picture it brought back the happy memories of William and Pickles.

They are similar, and yet different.

Well, I really am quite the soft touch, and after thinking about it for a while I said I would adopt them.

Today I went to the Cavy Show to collect them.  It was fun meeting up with old friends I haven't seen since I had to give up showing some 8 years ago now.  I stayed for a couple of hours and chatted, and then I could feel the pain getting worse, so had to leave.  Had to have a couple of hours in bed recuperating when I got home - so frustrating!  I settled them into their new cage first and then took some photos a little later.

They are both adult pigs, nearly two years of age.

The likeness in character of this rough haired guinea pig to Pickles really is quite uncanny.  Of course seeing them in person just cemented the decision and home they came.

The same cheeky look for food.

This fellow currently has the name Dallas...I am not sure if I will keep their names or change them yet.

Ooh, I can smell something yummy.

Tucking in...

This guy is also very friendly, but just wanted to get on with eating his piece of apple in private.

He is currently called Dundee.


  1. They're so cute and I quite like their names.

  2. I can see why they were hard to resist. I love that agouti abby!

  3. Your Guinea Pigs give you so much pleasure!!

  4. They are both adorable and seem to be quite the character. Both have lovely colouring.

  5. How wonderfully exciting for you...I totally understand!

  6. Oops indeed! But I can see why.


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