Thursday, 1 September 2016

Thankful Thursday

I am really thankful for the lovely weather we have been having lately.  I have been out walking early in the morning in shorts and a sleeveless top and not been at all cold - most unusual!

I am thankful that these two boys are getting on so well.

Thankful that Mark and I get to pop out and make the most of the weather due to the flexibility of him working from home in his own business.

We enjoyed a lovely afternoon walk in the local park and I found the wood totem sculpture I missed earlier on in the year!

Some more wooden sculptures.

Rats?  Thankful?  Well I am thankful these are not running round our garden!  Not that I have seen anyway...we keep out bait stations well stocked up.  I am surprised that the park didn't have any dotted around - we saw five rats all together in one group, just roaming around a few feet from where we were standing!  


  1. Rats give me the creeps. WE too keep bait stations well stocked.

  2. Love the acorn sculpture. It's beautiful. Ugh to rats!

  3. thanks for the visit! I get so few to both my blogs, it was good to hear from you. I took care of both my parents for around ten years, it cam become quite stressful - lovely photos!


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