Saturday, 3 September 2016

Soggy Saturday

It was a lovely sunny morning, although the ground was damp and a lot of water droplets on the roses.  I took the dogs out for their early morning walk, put a load of washing on the line and headed off to do the shopping.  By the time I got back I was feeling decidedly 'off' with a very heavy feeling in my head and there really was nothing to it but to head off to bed.  

By mid afternoon the rain was coming down - I guess I should have realised that the weather was about to turn, my body knows in advance.  Perhaps the pressure had dropped I am not sure.  

Our local Sainsburys has a book sale shelf and I picked up a couple of interesting hardbacks today.

The first I have already started reading, although not a lot as fell asleep.  Reading seems to do that to me an awful lot lately, seems I can only manage a few pages.  Is this common I wonder?

This also looked interesting.  

A large Pyrex mixing bowl.  I do like these bowls and use them a lot, and didn't have one this size.

I saw this for 49p and it rings true, and I need it as a reminder as I try to clear my house of 'things' and yet ironically I have just added to them by buying this!  Oh well, there is no logic apart from it matches another I have.

So now just need to decide where to hang them.

I saw this piece of gingham and although really don't 'NEED' anymore fabric, I do have plans for this and hope to use this in the next week.

The next couple of purchases...  I am not sure I can really 'explain' those away.

The first is a 'The Bear Factory' monkey...  I was feeling especially down today, for a variety of reasons, pain being among them and worry about our youngest son...and then receiving a £23 plus customs bill for some small blocks of wood I carve my Hitty dolls from.  This was supposed to have been sent as a gift - it was, but for some unfathomable reason the person put a high value on them!  Plus I also discovered that the PO don't accept CC payments and I didn't have the cash, so the package is still sitting there.  It is ludicrous to have to pay that amount for small blocks of wood, that don't even cost that much!  Anyway, on to the 'reason' ...I saw this cheeky little face looking at me from the £1 soft toy bin, and I always look in these for soft toys for the dogs to play with.  I picked up the monkey and accidentally squeezed him and he said 'I LOVE YOU' so well, the deal was sealed.  

I have decided as a bit of fun I will use him for my 30 Days One Object  photo challenge.  Prompts are taken from 'FMS PhotoADay'.  Whether I always use the prompts depends on if they take my fancy and give me the inspiration I need/want.

I have called him 'Romeo'

1: Art 

2: Something.  Has a G on the end NOT a K - the same applies for other words such as anything and everything!

3: Warm.  This was me today!

Hmm...these especially I cannot explain - they were three for a pound.  Actually they will probably be gifts.  

Earlier on in the week we bought this fabulous foot stool. 

I believe it is probably from the sixties or thereabouts, it is in lovely condition and the perfect height and size.  I use foot stools a lot when sitting down in the evening and had needed a slightly higher one than the one I had.  Love its retro look which of course doesn't match anything else we have!

Finishing up this post with some photos of some of my roses taken the last couple of days.


  1. I love Romeo! WhT a cutie!! In always falling asleep reading - so much so I get a bump on my nose from the falling book if I'm reading in bed!! Hope you feel better soon x

    1. Isn't Romeo great?! Glad to hear I am not the only one who falls asleep reading!

  2. That's a nice big mixing bowl. The row of stuffed toys looks cheery and Romeo is perfect. Hope you feel better very soon.

    1. It is a great mixing bowl, will be perfect for making large fruit cakes. Thanks...I think it is the change in weather, it always affects me lately unfortunately.

  3. such gorgeous roses! Beautiful.
    I'm sorry you are down, hope you are feeling happier now. I understand the customs thing, it's so annoying when not expected. One year I had a nasty letter from FedEx threatening court action for non payment of customs money. eh? First I'd heard of it. I'd had no letter about it at all, and it was about 10 or 15 pounds, so had I have known I'd have paid up. Phoned to get to the bottom of it, was treated like a moron by some rude idiot and as a result will not shop anywhere online that uses them. Bunch of imbeciles. That was a few years ago now, but I never want to deal with them again.

    I have an apology to make. Went to publish your comment today and managed to delete instead of publish. Am so annoyed with myself. I'm sorry. Very lovely comment though, and I appreciated it :O)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, reading AND leaving a lovely comment. :-) It is frustrating isn't it the whole customs thing...apparently in this case the sender had used the wrong customs form so the counter staff person filled in a new one and just added a random price!!! I supposed I better pay it, I do need the wood pieces, but never again.

      Not sure what I wrote now, was it about your lovely kitchen?


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