Monday, 9 November 2015

Finishing WIPs

I have had some WIPs on the back burner for um...some years now and decided I would get them finished by the end of the year.  

The first to complete is ...

From this pattern book I began knitting this pattern:

in February 2011!  Yikes!  Was it REALLY that long ago?!!

This is how far I had got, the back and part  of one sleeve made.

I started during last week and finished it yesterday,

My next WIP to complete will be the following 'Christmas Jumper'  I'm ashamed to say I started this pattern FIVE years ago...

I bought it at the Alexander Palace Knitting Show and in my defence the wool is horrible to knit with as it keeps splitting so I think that is part the reason progress has been exceedingly slow. 

I have changed the pattern slightly as after all these years it was difficult to start where I had finished off, so I decided to simplify it.

Almost finished the front...

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  1. Hi Serenata! Great that you started again on these knits! The first sweater is beautiful with the hood, and I also like the buttons you used very much. Difficult yarn to knit with puts me off of finishing garments too, usually the remaining yarn ends up in a recycle shop :-). The second you are making is also a lovely sweater, I look forward to see it finished!


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