Monday, 2 November 2015

A change of appliance!

Feeling completely tired and lethargic most of the time on top of the usual pain issues I have been telling myself I need to start juicing again...and I make the odd attempt but then the thought of having to wash up all the bits involved in juicing and then blending to make a smoothie just becomes overwhelming.   Having heard a lot about the Nutribullet and not sure whether to believe the hype or not, I have been unsure whether to get one.  However, wanting to sleep all the time isn't doing me any favours either, and after coming home from choir yet again yesterday morning in lots of pain I decided to take a step of faith and give it a go.  Who knew ordering from John Lewis could be so quick and easy! Ordered yesterday afternoon, collected from a local Waitrose this afternoon!

So replacing these:

My juicer - which has seven parts to clean.....

and this....which has five parts to clean  - I now just have this 

on the side - which has two parts to clean - and they just rinse under water!

Added benefit - much more space on my work surface as well.

With this in mind I plan to make a drink every morning - possibly twice a day and hope I will start to feel brighter again.

Possibly the blender could have done what this does, although I had attempted I was not entirely sure it was successful.

The box...

It does come with other size cups and things, although I probably won't use these unless I am making drinks for other people as well.

It also came with three books with lots of information - and of course some advertising hype/testimonials.

I am looking forward to getting back into 'juicing' albeit in a different way again.

I have also been back to see Simon - I used to see him once a year while he was in the UK before he returned to Australia - and he managed to help some of the pain issues then.  He is now back here permanently - or at least for the foreseeable future so I am looking forward to a series of treatments from him in the hope that he will be able to help my pain issues.

I figure it is worth a shot.

He currently has me on two weeks of iodine treatment - he believes a lack of iodine may be part of the problems I am having with the extreme tiredness and nausea in the mornings.

So I will report back to see how it goes.


  1. Do hope it all works and that you will soon be feeling better.


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