Friday, 31 July 2015

A New Rose Bed

Finally after returning from the USA last week, the weather warmed up slightly today and I felt 'charged' up to do some gardening.  In the weekend we had bought some more roses for the garden so today I dug a new bed for them.  The front garden is still a 'work in progress' but pleased with the progress I managed today.

I used to use the front lawn for guinea pig grazing, but now only have the two, they only need a small amount of space, and my regular cavy boarders have all (but one) passed on as well, and I haven't been actively advertising boarding for a couple of years now so I thought I would utilise the front garden another way! It has been awkward to get the lawn mower round to the front to mow this lawn so I thought I would turn it into a big rose garden!

I forgot to take a real 'before' photo, as this is shortly after I started digging.

From another angle.

Not sure how much of the lawn I will turn into a bed yet, so just started with one big enough to plant the four rose bushes and have space to walk round either side.

More progress need to did it over a bit more and put some rose compost in as well.

I laid the roses out to work out the length the bed needed to be - all very 'scientific' ;-)

Roses planted - as you can see a fair bit of tidying up still to do, but on a whole I am pleased

Looking towards the house

The four roses planted are:
Ingrid Bergman
Dawn Chorus
Golden Beauty.

My husband then took me out to lunch and we finished the afternoon off with a wander round the Garden of the Rose...and yes brought home two more roses as they had 'buy one, get one free' as they are only open for two more days this season.

Now the question is whether to plant the two new roses in pots to have out the back, or to extend the bed!

Ingrid Bergman

Dawn Chorus

A couple of other flowers in the front garden.

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  1. I love roses. The only one of the roses I knew was Ingrid Bergman and I only remember that because of the publicity which surrounded its launch about 20 or 30 years ago. I can't grow roses here: the weather and the soil are not suitable. I have tried to grow a buddleia this year too but the weather and the winds have plotted against me with that too and it's struggling.


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