Thursday, 9 July 2015

A lovely time with a friend from Down Under

My childhood friend came to stay for the day and night on Monday with her husband.  They live in Australia, but have been on a six week tour of Europe and fortunately could spare a day to come to visit us.  Tania and I have been friends since we were about 10 or 11 years old and went to secondary school together.  We also rode horses together.  At school we were part of a threesome nicknamed by our teachers as the 'Three Musketeers'...  we weren't naughty, but we were outspoken and stuck up for 'our rights' and those of animals.   We walked home one day from school in protest of animal cruelty.  Some boys had bought in cat skins - yes you read that right.  Plus those same boys used to trap birds in the class room and try to hit them with tennis balls.  Anyway, we got almost all the way home after walking approximately 14km only to be picked up by Tania's Mum and promptly taken straight back to school where we were herded into the Principals office!  The following year all three of us were split up and put in separate form rooms.   Why we were punished and not the boys still doesn't seem fair even today!

Even though we have ended up on opposite sides of the world at various times through the years we have remained firm friends At one stage it was Tania in England and I was in NZ and then she came back and moved to Australia where she eventually settled and I ended up in England!

In 2010 when I went back to NZ to visit my parents after a five year gap, she flew over and we spent a lovely few days together in the Bay of Islands.  Last year I was able to fly via Australia on my way to NZ and spent a week with her there.

I wish we could have had longer while she was here!

Anyway, we had planned to take her and her husband to Hatfield House, but sadly it isn't open on Mondays, so we had to rethink our plans.  Tania and mentioned she would like to visit the woods that we walk in so we took them to Ashridge Estate.  We had lunch at the Cafe before heading off for a lovely walk.

On our way home from Ashridge Estate we popped into the Gardens of the Rose in St Albans.  The gardens were looking spectacular.

Tania just loves having photos taken, so there are rather a lot of us together!  

The gardens really were  looking  quite beautiful.

Me, Simon (Tania's husband) and Tania

Looking at a big carp in the pond.

The afternoon was beautiful.

Reflections in the pond


We finished the day going out for a Carvery.

There really wasn't enough time to have a proper catch up though.

All to soon it was the following morning and they had to catch an early train to head north to visit relatives.

I miss having a friend like her to chat and spend time with.  
Most of my friends live overseas... it is hard.


  1. Time spent with friends is important and sometimes gets overlooked ... it's great that you got at least a little time together.

    1. It is indeed! Just wish they were a little closer so it could be done more often.

  2. Lovely post. I'm so happy for you that you got to spend time with an old friend. I know what you mean when you say your friends live far away. My BF from WAAAYYY back lives 600 miles away and my sisters 1500 miles away. Needless to say we don't see each other often but we do talk on the phone regularliy.

  3. A great post! It's great you got to see your friend again, and the pictures are lovely!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. I agree about Tane Mahuta. We never suspected how much damage we may have been doing when we stood on his roots and wrapped our around him, did we? I enjoyed your photos of the woods and the gorgeous gardens. Time spent with an old friend after an absence is one of life's great pleasures, I think.


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