Thursday, 7 May 2015

Thursday's Garden

I don't feel much like blogging at the moment - but thought I would post some pictures today of the garden.

So okay dandelions are weeds, but they are such a lovely sunshiny colour....and our front lawn is currently full of them so thought I would take a photo of one.

This isn't a weed, but it sure acts like one!  I have to rip loads of it out each year, but it keeps coming back and is actually a very pretty purple.

The 'mock orange' I think this is.

A little bit of garden nonsense now.  We don't really have 'garden ornaments' but when my husband and I saw these in the garden centre the other day they bought a smile to our faces so home they came with us... not sure how well they will hold up in bad weather so at the moment they are currently still inside.  They may end up leaving on our front porch to protect them, but they look kind of good in the garden round the back.

A busy bee...

Friendly boy

Little Miss Sunshine

Oh and we also have bluebells in the front garden.

On another note....

I wonder why it is some people feel the need to 'take the mickey' (take the p....)  about one's accent every single time they see you?   Do they actually get pleasure out of being so rude?  Does it make them feel 'big' or better about themselves?   I bet they wouldn't like the same done to them.


  1. Wow, your photos are just stunning! xx

    1. Thank you :-) Glad you enjoyed them and thank you for visiting my blog - will spend some time later reading yours as it looks wonderful.

  2. Garden is looking colourful, yours is waking up as ours go to bed. People are rude, it's like a hobby to some. If someone tries to take the piss out of my accent, especially when they try to imitate it, I usually say what accent is that...Indian? or something similar. I'm assuming these 'special' people are from around your area, they're either talking with a plum in their gob or like they're off Eastenders. Are you any good at accents? Take the piss right back.. to the posh tits, but I could talk laike you and shout jolly hockey sticks whot whot whot! Or if common tits say things like Oh right yer are guvner, can ya spare a shilling fer Toiny Tim! ;) Imagine them in their underwear, bet its from Asda of that ruddy awful place Primark! Or ya could just punch 'em lol


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