Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Pencil rolls - packing

I've made a little progress on getting myself organised for my upcoming trip down under.

These pencil rolls were on special for a very good price on Amazon and I thought they would be perfect for the job.  I only ordered one to start with but I was so pleased I ordered another so I have one for both sets of watercolour pencils

I've got a smallish sketchbook as I am hoping to spend some time working on my art while away.  What better country to be inspired in than New Zealand?

Just need to remember to add the pencil sharpener...if only I could remember that 'safe place' I put it!

I've got a great pile of nature, and natural history books for my Dad that I have picked up over the last couple of years...so not much room for actual clothing by the time I have added my art gear, camera tripod, etc...

Only three more sleeps and I will be off!


  1. Gosh that came round fast! Hope you will have a wonderful time. See you in the springtime? How long are you off for?

  2. It hadn't sunk into my brain that your visit was so close. Travel safely.

  3. May you have the most glorious of adventures, dear Lorraine!

  4. Im such a sucker for art supplies … any kind at all … and those pencil rolls look the business.

  5. woo hoo a trip back to NZ!!! All the very best.

  6. What wonderful art supplies, and such a beautiful way to enjoy your trip - Have a Wonderful Adventure, and we so look forward to all the adventures you will have to show and tell upon your return - EnJoY!


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