Thursday, 6 February 2014

Art Class - Week 5

We had a surprise visitor at our art class this week and an artist had come to talk about using different media and textures in our art.  She had various examples to show us of her own work and that of other artists, she also had some supplies such as rock salt, tissue, corrugated card, bubble wrap, cling film, cut up credit cards, modelling paste and much more that we could use to experiment with. 

I only did a couple of small pieces, which were quite basic, as I wanted to continue working on the bird painting I had started last week, but I have come away with some ideas and some handouts of different examples.

I love the colours in this.

This looked better before it was dry - interesting that there is a clear dividing line in a couple of places as I had thought I had completely wet the paper all over first, but obviously not.  

Now on to my bird painting

This is as far as I had got the week before.

This is how it is coming along.

Looking out into the garden this wet afternoon...

Mr Blackbird is busy.  Loving the water droplets on his back.


  1. I love that first piece - it would make a beautiful fabric for a summer dress! Your photography is brilliant and I just wish I could capture the detail as you do. Those drops of water on your blackbird are amazing.

    1. It would indeed wouldn't it? Funny I think I actually have a summer dress in these colours packed away somewhere...they may have been what drew me to them in the first place.

  2. I agree ... that top one looks like the perfect tie dye.
    Your bird is coming along great too ... can't wait to see the finished result.
    Do you paint at home ... or only in your class?

    1. At the moment I only paint in my class, but hoping when I get back from NZ to set up an area to paint at home.

  3. The stimulating effect of colours on one's mind is interesting. I can see the first one as a summer dress but the colours do nothing for me. The second one, however, contains colours that I like. So it's form and content are less important because I simply get pleasure for the combination of colours. Fascinating.

    1. It is very interesting indeed isn't it? I too agree with yours and others observations about the colours of the first but it was the colours of the second that interested me, not normally colours I personally would choose, , but I like them and discovering what would happen with these combinations, it was good to experiment. I should have done more, but wanted to work on my painting.


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