Saturday, 1 August 2020

1st August!

August is the month of birthdays in my family, my dad, daughter in law, sister, and husband all have their birthdays this month.

I am so enjoying this book that was put in my 'Free Library' during the week.  It is the best book I have read for ages.  I mentioned the other day, and about the author's life in the Lake District.

This evening I saw what I believe was a Pipistrelle bat flying around  the front garden.  It was fascinating watching it, and I just wish I could have caught it on film but it was far too quick, darting this way and that, but following a very similar repeating pattern.


  1. It sounds very similar to Thoreau's Waldon, which I enjoyed immensely. I went searching online and have found a copy of your book and ordered it :)

  2. Looks like a good book, I quite often look for the old ones as they are better told and more interesting.

  3. If you like bats, you should come to our house as they live under the roof tiles and are out and about every evening (and sometimes you have a Real Life Meeting in the house! My daughter screams blue murder and it's down to me to put the lights out and open a window, having shut it into one room (our bedroom this week). The joys of country living.

    That book looks good. I shall have to look out for that if we ever step inside a Hay-on-Wye bookshop again . . .


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