Wednesday, 31 January 2018

January that was.

The month of January seems to have absolutely flown by.  What a month it has been!  My son and his beautiful fiancee got married, and it was an amazing wedding and I had the BEST of times.  I have continued my weekly physio treatments and daily exercises, although the treatments have possibly come to an end for a while.  My physiotherapist has left the practice to set up on his own, and I am thinking after just over three months that perhaps it is time to reassess how I think the treatments are or are not working for me and have a break for a while and just continue with the daily exercises.  Finances, or rather lack of them are also contributing to this decision.  Today I thought I would start trying the 'Walk at Home' 1 mile workout by Leslie Sansone that is available on Youtube.  (The only frustrating thing is having to sit through the adverts beforehand).  If it is manageable (time will tell how my body responds)  I will get the DVD.  I want to continue trying to help myself as much as possible with getting my body and pains sorted and healed.  

I am slowly working on trying to clear and sort things in the house, and this is a bit hit and miss depending on how I feel, although earlier this week I did finally take about 10 bags of stuff to the charity shop, so that IS progress.  

After the lovely day we had yesterday, today is dismal and wet and rather dark.  Percy (the Chihuahua) has refused to go outside this morning!  Stanley the Sheltie, did but then wanted to come back in, not because of the weather, but because his big little brother hadn't gone out with him.  

To brighten up what is going to be a dull, wet and windy day, fortunately I took these photos yesterday as I had a wander around a rather damp and messy garden.

The daffodils have buds on them.

As does the rhododendron.

A little bit of colour on the plants outside the conservatory window.  I can see these from my kitchen sink so nice to see a bit of colour.


  1. Good luck with the indoor walking.

    1. Thanks, I will obviously still be walking the dogs, but that tends to be a bit more of a leisurely stroll as they like to have their 'sniffs'.

  2. January seemed to fly by for you; myself, I found it dragged a bit. I'm looking forward to more pleasant weather than what we've had since the beginning of November.
    I hope as you continue to exercise you'll feel better. The indoor walking sounds like a good thing.


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