Sunday, 20 August 2017

Around my Garden

A rather picture heavy post as I forgot to publish the other day and now I have more to add to it!

Flora and Fauna around my garden, not many words, mainly just pictures as I don't have many words to say at the moment.

I think my garden is the most colourful it has ever been this year and I am really pleased with it.  It makes me smile, and that is good.

These plums were delicious, but ripened too quickly!

Adding a bit of vegetation to the pond to encourage wildlife.  I have a difficult time getting anything to grow round it though - I think it is too shaded and dry.

These Dalmatian beans have been delicious and I wish I'd planted more, but I thought we'd be moving!  Next time I will plant regardless.

My son's gladioli that he planted - shame he isn't at home to see it.

The soft colours are so pretty, but don't show especially well against the white wall.

A range of dahlia, they have been putting on a great display.

Captured and wrapped!

Apples will be ready soon.

The rhubarb is looking better than it was.

Spring onions to have with dinner.


  1. You are blessed with a beautiful garden, such vibrant colours.

    1. Thank you. The garden has indeed been a blessing and worth the hard work I put into in the Spring and early summer. It needs constant work, but I haven't done so much of late.

  2. The flowers are gorgeous. The spider is amazing (ew... but amazing). Neat stuff!

    1. Thank you Sally. I am still experimenting with and getting to grips with my new little camera. I am enjoying its macro abilities!

  3. That is utterly bizarre Lorraine. I know that you posted that the other day and I am absolutely certain that I commented. There were not as many photos though - I don't recall the onions for example. But how come? I am now utterly flummoxed. I could never have dreamed about the spider pictures nor the Dalmation beans (of which I had never heard). Please tell me I'm not going mad.

    1. I posted similar, but definitely different pictures 31st July (you commented 13th August) so that is probably the confusion ;-) I had to check that I wasn't going mad first though! So neither of us are, which is a relief as sometimes I do wonder about myself.

    2. Thank you Lorraine. I am so relieved.


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